Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bend OR SR22 Insurance

Q: I’m working on paying off a lot of debt, but my Bend SR22 is so high that it’s taking a lot of my money. How is that? I know they’re expensive, but I think this is a little too much.

Car insurance nuances

In the competing auto insurance industry, companies are working hard to lure car insurance seekers to their organizations.

How to Get a Term Life Insurance Quote.

Getting a term life insurance quote is a smart move.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

will my car insurance premium go up?

I just recently hit a deer and the only car damaged was mine. I am covered under my policy b/cause I had comprehensive.

UPS Part-Time Health Insurance Enrollment

In the Willow Grove hub, there are signs everywhere advising part-time employees to enroll in the new UPS health plan for part-timers.

Seattle Flooding: Flood Insurance or Not?

Seattle Washington’s latest blast of weather got me thinking about insurance again.

New Trends in Small Business Health Insurance

The Wall Street Jounral has an interesting article on new developments in health insurance for small businesses. Insurers are offering more varied plans that include less-expensive options.